totally practical werk attire 
#backstaging 📸 @ryjamesofficial

totally practical werk attire #backstaging...

Really enjoyed last night’s #BombshellMovie screening, it was explosive, pertinent and Theron, Kidman & Robbie were such strong leads, absolute powerhouse performances! I think so many elements of the story will resonate profoundly for women, especially their experiences of inequality in the workplace. I came away feeling empowered and strongly recommend checking the film out when it hits cinemas on Friday. #ad @lionsgateuk

Really enjoyed last night’s #BombshellMovie...

Mum and I got all fancy last week and flounced on down to the opera AND the ballet! Absolute scenes! 
The @englishnationalballet’s Le Corsaire was so breathtakingly beautiful, while La Bohème at the @royaloperahouse blew us away. Thank you so much for having us @theguestlistldn, mum was delighted, we felt ever so special 😊💃🏾🎭💞

Mum and I got all...

#FluffFriday: A tribute to THE Hair Empress @hairbymichellesultan, crafting lewks from my follicles since 2017, championing Afro and textured hair styles (Mel, Alesha, Amber, Jordan, Jennifer REPRESENT) & instigating the confidence to experiment and wear my curls big & proud (I used to straighten my hair every day before I met Michelle because I was so insecure about my tight curls). So for the kick, the creativity and the vision, I thank and salute you. 💇🏾‍♀️💜 #curlyhair #curlyhairstyles

#FluffFriday: A tribute to THE...

Learned some new words today: 
Rückkehrunruhe - the feeling of returning home after an immersive trip only to find it fading rapidly from your awareness, to the extent you have to keep reminding yourself that it happened at all.
Occhiolism - the awareness of the smallness of your perspective in the grandness of the vast scope of the Universe.
Vemödalen - the frustration of photographing something amazing when thousands of identical photos already exist: the same sunset, the same curve of a hip...
Opia - the ambiguous intensity of looking someone in the eye, which can seem simultaneously invasive and vulnerable.
Sonder - the realisation that each passerby has a life as vivid and complex as your own. 
Liberosis - the desire to care less about things, loosen your grip on your life, to stop glancing behind you every few steps, afraid that someone will snatch it from you before you reach the end zone, rather to hold your life loosely and playfully, like a volleyball, keeping it in the air, with only quick fleeting interventions, bouncing freely in the hands of trusted friends, always in play.

Learned some new words today:...

Back on set today filming #yahootailgate getting stuck straight into the NFL Wild Card Playoffs, as the NBA Regular Season continues. Get highlights, interviews and all the action over on @yahoosportuk, we’re keeping you bang up to date, buds 🏀🏈 x

Back on set today filming...

Took a little break from this thing, and so just before plunging back into work and this whole world wide web tomorrow I’d like to say Happy New Year to you, ya filthy animals. 
To everyone preparing for a fresh start, hopeful, powerful and overflowing with dreams for the coming year: dive in, work hard, enjoy every moment, you’re brilliant and you’ve got this. In the interest of ultimate transparency right now though, and starting as we mean to go on, I’m going to be perfectly honest with you, just in case it helps: Unlike previous years, I’m struggling to feel motivated or excited or strong or ‘ready to smash 2020’. This New Year there is no ‘New Me’, but instead the same one there was at the end of 2019. And 2019 had its ups and downs, which won’t just miraculously disappear; there’s plenty still unresolved that has to be worked on, built upon, as is the way with this life. So to anyone else out there grappling to find the inspiration or the stimulation to keep up with the current effervesce all over the gram, it’s ok. Take your journey one step at a time, chapter by chapter, we’re in this together. Things don’t just fall into place at the turn of a new decade, and don’t be fooled or feel left out by all the suggestions out there that they do. Let’s try moderation instead of abstinence, plans instead of resolutions, reframing instead of resetting. Above all, be kind to yourself and to others. 
Thank you to everyone I’ve worked with over the past year for the opportunities to learn and create; my management are saints, and together we’ll keep grafting, just as we’ve always done. And to the friends and family who made those highs SO high in 2019, I am so grateful, I will cherish those moments forever, why would I want a fresh start when I couldn’t ask for more than you staying EXACTLY as you are in 2020, thank you. xx (I don’t usually use social media like this and it’s a bit much tbh but I just know a lot of people feel weird at this time of year and hopefully it helps to hear you’re not alone)

Polaroids: Ibiza June 2019, Hackney Nov 2019, Newcastle Dec 2019.

Took a little break from...

UNBELIEVABLE JEFF!! 😬😬😬 Joining forces with my best friend @chris_kammy tonight at 7.45 on @bbcone to take on The Hit List Christmas special. Let carnage ensue... #thehitlist

UNBELIEVABLE JEFF!! 😬😬😬 Joining forces...


This is a blog about the VVV wrap party! Yes, after 8 months, 102 shows, 714+ links and an infinite number of people telling me they JUST WANT TO WATCH YOUTUBE WITHOUT YOUR BLOOMIN FACE INTERRUPTING EVERY VIDEO, the first season of our little show on Vevo has come to an end.


It’s not often that you get paid to have such a ridiculous amount of fun, and it’s not often that dancing around a studio in inappropriate-for-actual-wear clothing to ace music with two such excellent humans as Ste Hinde and Cheyenne Davide constitutes ‘work’, so it seems I got lucky on this one.

Lemonade Money are the brilliant production company responsible for the weekly VVV, VVVintage and VVVision shows on Vevo UK, and they really are ones to watch. They’re young, they’re creative, they understand the way digital content works, they appreciate good music and giving it the platform it deserves, they’re exciting, and they’re making some bloody fantastic programming for TV and online. Dare I say it, but having worked with numerous TV companies, they’re one of the slickest and most efficient, developing fresh ideas from fruition to execution in a way from which other – far more established but, unfortunately, old-fashioned – producers could learn a thing or two.

What’s more, they take risks and give opportunities to new talent. And for this I am incredibly grateful. I’d like to thank the entire Lemonade team for all their hard work on VVV, right from pitching and piloting, to delivering episode after episode, week after week. In particular, thanks to Faraz, James and Jess who head up Lemonade’s output for bringing the three of us on board and conceiving VVV, Emily for keeping everything running beyond smoothly and being Jedward when necessary, and of course the VVV crew: Amy, Alex, Ben, Remy, Jamie and producer-director extraordinaire Mr Tom Pollard* for bringing it all to life and ensuring not a single show went out without multiple cat references, a healthy dose of green-screen tripping, at least one wig, an almost-unidentifiable sex gag, and some ample lolz. Cheers guys, you’re ace.**


*plus baby Alfie, who is also 8 months old. Yeah, blew my mind too.

**Also, sorry for almost killing many of you in some admittedly terrible exhibitions of my driving skillzz. #VVVRoadtrip #Toyota #Aygo #ToyotaAygo #VevoHalloween #StopHashtaggingStuffAndConcentrateOnReadingTheRoadThat’sAGiveWaySignYouFuckingMoron

Here we are reunited for the last episodes of VVV, VVVision and VVVintage:

Thank you also to HPR for lending me tons of brill garments from Evil Twin, Mink Pink, Some Days Lovin and Paint It Red, which have been showcased the hell out of all over Vevo for the last few months.


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