(Victoria Nwayawu Nwosu-Hope, MA Hons. Cantab.)

From the Haitian quake to one of the bloodiest years in the history of Mexico’s drug cartel war, I spent an eye-opening 10 months in South America, as the youngest journalist writing for The Argentina Independent; a stint in Buenos Aires which put to the test years of heavy involvement in all aspects of student journalism.

Currently, I’m frequently called upon to turn my pop culture knowledge and irreverent style to articles for 4music, Heat and mtv.co.uk.

Check out some of my pieces for the Argentina Indy, as I explore erotica, investigate inventors, get knitty wit’ it, review food, drink, lifestyle and fashion hotspots, and cover the current affairs of one of the world’s most intriguing nations.

Voulez­vous crochet avec moi?

Gettin’ knitty wit’ it in Buenos Aires, I set out to explore the craft’s renaissance as youthful, quirky and suddenly cool. Click here to read ⇛

Movers, Shakers and Beautiful Clothes Makers

Covering the 2010 A/W edition of the fast ­growing Buenos Aires Fashion Week – one of only three journalists to do so for an English ­language publication. Click here to read ⇛

A Voyage of Eccentric Discovery

A review of porteño vintage shop, El Buen Orden. Click here to read ⇛

Un Lenguaje de Danza

Sampling Laila Canteros’ Introduction to Afro­Contemporary Dance Technique class. Losing the ability to walk for the next 3 days.Click here to read ⇛

Beyond The Biro

I joined the Argentine Inventors’ Association to investigate the future of innovation in the nation responsible for bringing Biros, bypasses and blood transfusions to the world. Click here to read ⇛

‘Just Living for the Weeknights’

One of the hardest parts of working for a newspaper in Buenos Aires: food and drink reviews. Sigh. I was shipped off to Le Bar, “the musical kitchen of the city”. I didn’t complain. Click here to read ⇛

Erotic BA

From pornography to highly­wrought erotic literature, from sex conventions to sexual advice conferences, from the art of the act to the act of the art: I explored erotica and eroticism in one of the world’s sexiest cities. Click here to read ⇛

Sabbia Liquor Bar

Another (enforced, it was such a chore) review of one of Buenos Aires’ most trendy resto­bars. Hard times in the Big Apple Of The South. Click here to read ⇛

‘Noche de Emergentes at El Gato Viejo

Art meets performance meets food meets music at a massive disused train depot. Click here to read ⇛

What do you think about same sex marriage in Argentina?

I hit the streets to investigate public attitudes in Buenos Aires towards the prospect of Latin America’s first same sex marriage, after Alex Freyre and José María Di Bello were granted a marriage license, and laws banning same sex matrimony were declared to be unconstitutional. Click here to read ⇛

2009: The Deadliest Year in Mexico’s War on Drugs

Having provided a daily commentary on the state of the war on Mexico’s drug cartels for the last 4 months, I rounded up the stories, the atrocities and the situation. Click here to read ⇛

Discovering Women’s Literature in Argentina

Where la literature feminine has been somewhat eclipsed by male counterparts such as Borges and Cortazar, I set out to bring some of the nation’s fantastic female authors to the main stage. Click here to read ⇛

A Country of Immigrants

Celebrating the diverse immigrant communities of Argentina, I attended the 25 anniversary of the Fiesta de las Colectividades in the city of Rosario, as well as researching in depth the history which built discernible notions of heritage and national identity. Click here to read ⇛